Breathe in, breathe out (Part 2)

*Sigh of relief*

Welcome back to part 2 of the relaxation playlist. Find a sunny spot and soak up these tunes.

“Destiny” By: Zero 7

This song envelopes the listener. With wave after wave of new sounds: acoustic guitar, fluttering synth, and Sia’s (yes, the same Sia you’re thinking) incredible voice, it’s easy to get swept up into the melody.

“Destiny” is what I imagine living under water sounds like. That may or may not be because this song was in the early 2000’s surf film, Blue Crush. I was obsessed with the movie when I was little, and “Destiny” was my favorite song off the soundtrack. I remember listening to this song and thinking I knew what love felt like. Ha, youth.

But overall, “Destiny” is unbelievably relaxing. Every sound sweeps in long, broad strokes. I can feel my muscles loosen with each note.

Watch this studio performance of “Destiny,” you can see Sia’s face:

“Chamber of Reflection” By: Mac Demarco

Spend some time away
Getting ready for the day
Upon again

Spend some time alone
Understand that soon you’ll run
With better men
Alone again

Mac Demarco’s slacker rock speaks for itself. It’s music meant for sitting around, hanging out, and doing nothing. “Chamber of Reflection,” especially. The song is all about introspection and figuring yourself out. Just “spend some time away” and do what you have to do (in this case, ~relax~).

Music blog, MusicAndOtherThingz wrote,

…the track is rich and undulating synth soaking. Drenched in hovering organ sounds, a low lying bass line and distorted percussion…

Mac Demarco’s laid back attitude shines through in his music. Follow in Mac’s foot steps, light a Viceroy, and take it easy.

“Feels” By: Giraffage

As the words “grow old with you” repeat over and over again, this mellow electronic beat hums along. There’s not much to say about this song besides it give ya the “feels,” regardless of what you do feel, I’m sure you’ll feel something.

Okay, this is about to stray from the relaxation theme, but have you ever heard of the the Peanut Butter Baby? (Click the link to watch the video, if you haven’t) A brother and sister got a hold of some peanut butter and then continued to cover themselves in it. The little boy’s response to his mom’s questioning, “Does it feel good?” is absolutely hilarious. Like any famous internet video it has been remixed and re-edited a bunch of times. There is one Vine genius who put the Peanut Butter Baby in Giraffage’s “Feels.”

Watch it here (ugh, sorry, the embed code didn’t work, but it’s definitely worth a click!) I crack up every time, and hey, what’s more relaxing than getting a laugh.

“Plastic” By: Moses Sumney

Have you ever had warm caramel poured over your naked body? Me neither, but I imagine it feels pretty good. “Plastic” is the musical embodiment of that experience. Moses Sumney’s voice could probably put a baby to sleep in about five seconds. It is reassuring and smooth.

His emotional fragility shines through in a beautiful way. “Telling you that my silver is gold.” Recognizing our own vulnerability can be strangely freeing, and yes, relaxing. It’s totally okay to be emotional!

Music blog, Noise Polluter, saw Moses Sumney perform live when he opened for Local Natives in 2014 (check out part 1 of this playlist for some more Local Natives). Noise Polluter quoted Sumney,

“I’m here to get you emotionally raw so you can really just go to your special place when Local Natives go on,” he joked after finishing his first song…

Watch this intimate performance of “Plastic” Sumney did for Sofar New York:

You have reached relaxation station…

^That was lame, but I hope you’re relaxed now. This wraps up the chill, relaxation playlist from Keep Listening. Come back for more playlists posted soon!


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